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Commercial Aerial Photography & Video in Scotland

Our aerial photography & video service is provided by a professional industrial and commercial photographer with decades of experience in film and digital photography & video.

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Premises and vehicles can look much more dramatic when viewed from a different vantage point - perhaps 400ft in the air or flying alongside moving vehicles.


Hourly Rate per Photographer £60.00
Digital Processing Hourly Rate £30.00
Waiting Time, Meetings etc £20.00
Travel £0.49 per mile travelled
Customer Specified Material & Services Passed on at Cost (if required)
Other Agreed Expenses Passed on at Cost (if required)
DVD Production £5.00 per disk
Terms: Payment on Delivery
Prices exclude VAT

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Aerial photography comes in several varieties.

We offer remote-controlled mast photography from 10' to 40', unmanned quadcopter photography up to 500', and full manned aerial photography from helicopters.


Mast photography

Mast photography is cheap, simple, safe and can offer outstanding quality from a static position. It might suit a golfing event where the first tee offs are being captured, or exterior wedding party pictures. It requires good weather and isn't especially suited to video work, though it is possible. You can keep a mast erected all day, or until your camera and controllers run out of power. The only safety concerns are the risks of people tripping over guy-wires, so masts need to be carefully positioned.



In contrast, unmanned quadcopters are in a real sense cheaper still (as the UAV can be repositioned almost instantly for more picture opportunities) and can cope with poorer weather. Cameras have to be small and light, so are more limited in terms of resolution and quality. Their output is perfect for internet use, and if the weather is calm striking HD video can be obtained (and even in gusty conditions good stills are possible). Quadcopters don't like rain, and have limited endurance - just 20 minutes before the batteries must be changed. They are also subject to strict regulation for safety reasons and require specific insurance (which we carry). Quadcopters are ideal for building location and survey photography.

Both mast and quadcopter photography will be charged at our standard rates.



Helicopters offer the Gold Standard in aerial photography. We have worked across the UK with PDG Helicopters, who have one of their bases at Cumbernauld Airport - handy for all Central Belt locations. PDG will fly photographers with the aircraft door removed, offering a windy but unobstructed view of the world below; they also offer full motion-stabilised HD video, which has to be seen to be believed. Still photography from a helicopter is equally impressive. Helicopters should be budgeted for at around £1.5K per hour of airtime, so are best suited to high-value one-off events where money is not a major concern. They are, of course, also limited by weather and safety considerations - and their endurance in the sky is limited by the depth of your pockets.

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Erskine Aerial Panorama

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