Virus Removal collect and return Service - 
Edinburgh Area


We will collect, repair and return your infected desktop computer or laptop. In most cases, we will not require to format the drive and reload the operating system, so data and programs which have not been damaged by the virus or malware infection will be retained.

Most repairers don't even offer data retention as an expensive option - whereas we offer it as standard and at a price less than that charged for Windows re-install, collect and return by high street repairers.

If you're like most people, there will be data on your computer which you haven't got around to backing up. This may be irreplaceable family photos or financial or other personal data. In addition, if the hard drive is formatted and the operating system re-installed, all programs you've installed since purchase will need to be re-installed. That means finding serial numbers, activation keys etc etc, and inevitably some software will need to be bought again when these can't be found.


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