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We've been engaged in the design of websites in Scotland since the earliest years of the World Wide Web.

Whether your requirement is for a personal presence on the web, a brochure site for your business, or a fully fledged e-commerce website with all the bells and whistles, we can help.

What's more, we'll make sure your new website gains a prominent position on the most popular search engines so that people can find it.

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Website Design and Promotion Pricing

Fully inclusive pricing starts at £750 + VAT for a 5 page unique design brochure website with branded Facebook integration. Search engine optimisation (SEO) of 5 agreed search terms appropriate for your business and location are also included, together with the first year's hosting and 2 years URL registration with 5 e-mail accounts. We'll also submit your details to a selection of the most appropriate listing/directory sites. Additional pages, additional search terms, database functionality, accounts and stock integration, & other social media integration/branding can be added for a agreed additional cost. We can also provide a high quality photographic and video service anywhere in Scotland if required.

"That's not expensive, but I've seen cheaper - what's different about AST?"

Simply this - we won't ask you to pay a penny until the website, design and branding is finished to your satisfaction and online. Then we'll ask for 50% of the total charge. Only when every one of your 5 agreed search terms is finding your website in the first two pages of Google results will we ask you to settle the remaining 50%.

If you can find another web designer offering that level of performance guarantee in Scotland please tell us, because we know of none.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What's the point in spending thousands for the sexiest, artiest, most aesthetically pleasing website on the planet if no-one can find it unless they know your company name before they start looking? The whole point of a business website is to attract new customers - not old friends who have mislaid your phone number.

It's essential to keep an eye on your search engine rankings for key phrases on an on-going basis but it's not necessary to spend thousands a year for SEO optimisation - who wants to be a "dripping roast"? We'll keep an eye on things for you for a nominal monthly charge, and if your SEO needs some fine-tuning, we'll get you back on top where you belong without breaking the bank. You pay only for actual work we do on your behalf, rather than a wooly contract which guarantees nothing, yet is all too common in the SEO business in Scotland.

Website Statistics

All our websites include built-in statistical information gathering as a standard design component, a summary of which is e-mailed to you on a weekly basis. More detailed analysis of which pages are most active, which keywords and search engines are generating most hits, where they come from in the world and much more can be optionally reported on an ad hoc or regular basis.

Social Media Integration

For certain types of businesses, this can be an incredibly powerful tool. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn - we'll help you develop a strategy to suit your requirements and provide the technical and marketing expertise to ensure success. Social media marketing isn't a panacea for all ills, and it's not relevant to all business models - we have the experience and the integrity to give you honest, knowledgeable advice. 

Mobile Website

More and more people are using their mobile phones to search for businesses and services on the move, rather than waiting until they get home and using their PC's. We design and create a mobile website optimised for small screen devices to run parallel with your main site, included as standard.

Content Management

Once your website is online and listed it's very important to keep the content up to date and interesting. We will be happy to organise and implement this for you at a reasonable agreed rate. If you have the time and inclination to do some or all of this work yourself, we support two options:

  • XSite Pro V.2 - Easy to use, budget priced website design and content management software
  • Joomla - Open Source CMS and website design with a steeper learning curve for novice users

We can provide training and support for both options.

Here are some examples of recent Joomla website designs from the Joomla Community Showcase:

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