Virus and Malware removal and Prevention

In our experience, few users whose computer is subject to virus or malware attack are fully backed up. This means that the typical response of many repairers to a virused machine can spell disaster or severe disappointment, with loss of vital business data or irreplaceable family photographs and videos. We have decades of experience removing viruses and malware safely and completely, and generally the cost is comparable to a re-format and re-install by other repairers. If we can't recover your undamaged data, you don't pay a penny.

Anti Virus and Malware Software

We will advise on and install suitable software to ensure that the risk of your computer getting re-infected is minimised. For business and power users, we recommend and can supply and support ESET NOD32. If you are a home user, there are several free solutions which can be considered. Click the photo for our ESET video

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