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Mainstream software is getting more expensive, with most big players moving towards a rental business model. Good for them, not so good for the end user. Microsoft Office 365 is a great product, and many large organisations or those with particular processing requirements use it and pay the monthly cost. The vast majority of small businesses and individual users have another option to consider - Open Source (Free) software. In our experience, good quality Open Source software can also reduce the likelihood of downtime due to software bugs and licensing issues. We get more support calls for problems with Microsoft Office than Libre Office, yet most of our customers use the latter. 

Libre Office is free, functional and easy-to-use. For most small businesses, the functionality is more than adequate and the program will happily use even the most recent Microsoft Office file formats. We can help you assess whether or not this option is suitable for your needs. 

Mozilla Thunderbird and Pegasus Mail email clients are two alternatives to Microsoft Outlook. Both are free, stable and get the job done for organisations which require an easy-to-use email solution without the complications of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

We can help with training and support for Open Source software, and also the identification of suitable Open Source alternatives for specific software packages and applications such as Autocad, Photoshop, Microsoft Calendar, Microsoft Windows and many more.

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