Quotation Production

Still using a calculator and word processor to produce customer quotations? Wouldn't it be great to be able to recalculate pricing with a different profit margin in seconds? We can help you tailor a spreadsheet solution to produce quotes effortlessly, accurately and professionally. 

Pub and Bar Stocktaking

Stock taking by professional stock takers is expensive - the stock take itself isn't difficult, however working out gross profit, margins and the rest can get complicated. We can custom design a stocktaking spreadsheet system to provide you with the information you need automatically, with the training and support backup to help you do the job yourself.

Motorise Time-Consuming Tasks

Quotations and stocktaking are just two examples of many areas of work which can be automated using spreadsheets, macros or databases. If you have a repetitive task which takes up your valuable time on a regular basis, give us a call to see if we can help. Creating a monthly set of good-looking management accounts from a raw set of spreadsheets every month can be an afternoons' work or one click of a macro button.

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