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We believe that putting all your eggs in one basket is risky, so our advice is to avoid processing and storing data in the Cloud for key applications such as accounts or payroll with one supplier. Our advice is to process data locally, but back up both locally and to the Cloud.  Our cloud backup solutions are automatic, encrypted, fully GDPR compliant, and utilise servers physically located in the UK. In the event of a ransomware attack, files automatically backed up may be corrupted. It is crucial that your chosen Cloud backup solution includes Version Control, which means all changed files are retained for a month and a restore date prior to the attack can be selected .

Individual computer data back up solutions from £36.00 + VAT per annum. All your photos, videos, letters, accounts and payroll data backed up securely, automatically to the Cloud with one month retention of all versions of changed files. (Version Control)

Shared Cloud briefcase solutions from £90.00 + VAT per annum, allowing your teams to share data securely anywhere in the world with internet access. As with all of our Cloud backup and storage packages your data is encrypted in transit and while stored on the Cloud servers. 

Complex, tailored, and fully managed backup and sharing options for larger organisations designed to enhance workflow and data security. We can help businesses, charities and NGOs meet their GDPR obligations while increasing overall efficiency.

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